The ListenForward approach is collaborative, explorative, pragmatic, + systems-driven.

How ListenForward Can Help

Leadership Coaching

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The Challenge
The art and science of leadership is ever changing. Modern executive leaders must learn to be more adaptive, resilient, and growth-minded. Leaders who choose to understand, develop, and strengthen their personal and team leadership capacity and dexterity will make the greatest impact.

The Opportunity
I coach current and aspiring CEO’s and C-suite leaders. Coaching engagements are contextually connected and grounded in the near- and long-term business challenges and aspirations of the leader. Engagements are collaborative processes of discovery, feedback, goal setting, exploration, practice, observation, experimentation, continuous learning, and ownership.

Team Coaching

Team members

The Challenge
Teams are the primary system to propel any organization forward. Yet research and experience show teams who realize their true potential and impact are the exception. Team leaders and team members must continuously assess, measure, and improve team culture, productivity, and team operating processes to achieve and sustain higher levels of collective effectiveness.

The Opportunity
I coach executive leadership teams and the teams they lead. I assess and diagnose how teams operate in context of mission, strategy, challenge, and opportunity. The team coaching objective is to strengthen and sustain team performance and impact, and help team leaders and members learn, adapt, and grow, over time.

Trusted Leadership Advisory

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The Challenge
As CEOs and executive leadership teams navigate accelerated change and the pressures to perform, a need for real-time advice, problem solving, and situational coaching is essential.

The Opportunity
I serve as a trusted leadership advisor to the CEO, executive leaders and teams. As an extension of executive and team coaching engagements or in parallel as a coaching and advisory engagement, I provide guidance, advice, and feedback to ensure the learning and improvement gains derived from coaching are individually and collectively sustained.

Sample Clients

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